80-Year-Old Colcom Looking Forward to Bright Future!

Colcom has developed a strong blueprint for operating a quality-focused food production business in a challenging economic climate. As Zimbabwe’s leading producer of pork products, this important organisation continues to grow organically and sustainably. CEO Dino Tumazos tells Enterprise Africa more about ambitious growth plans.




In Zimbabwe, major economic threats (or opportunities) are creating unique and open spaces for private sector success. Traditionally an agricultural nation – once labelled the ‘breadbasket of Africa’ – Zimbabwe has struggled with economic challenges for many years, but beyond the headlines, in the country’s busy business community, there is much happening as companies work hard to meet strong demand for products and services from a growing local market.

According to the World Bank, Zimbabwe is home to excellent human capital, comparable to that of upper-middle-income economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and abundant mineral and natural resources that, if well managed, can support the country’s development objectives.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN further highlights the country’s immense natural-agri resources where 33.5 of 39 million hectares are used for agricultural purposes and where approximately 70% of workers are employed in agriculture. As a percentage of GDP, agriculture represents more than 8% of Zimbabwe’s offering, and there are many that would like to see this grow to become prominent once again.

Dino Tumazos, CEO at Colcom – a leading producer of fresh and processed meat products – is under no illusions about the challenge of building a more resilient agricultural sector, but he is optimistic thanks to eight decades of brand history and a deep understanding of the local market.

Enterprise Africa asked the CEO to explain about the importance of Colcom’s position in Zimbabwe in the year of its 80th anniversary.

“Colcom is a division of Innscor Africa Limited,” he begins. “The Colcom division has two major operations; Triple C Pigs and Colcom Foods. Triple C, the sole supplier of pigs to Colcom Foods, employs 660 staff and produces an average of 2,500 pigs a week from five farms situated with a 100km radius of Harare. Colcom Foods is situated in the Workington light industrial area of Harare and comprises the abattoir, processing facility, distribution operations, our flagship Colcom Shop and administrative functions.

“This operation is fuelled by 790 staff and is complemented by a 650-ton capacity cold store in Ruwa as well as a retail outlet and Distribution Centre in the eastern border town of Mutare. For the FY ending June 2022, Colcom posted revenue figures of $56.7 million, coming largely from the company’s key categories: Fresh pork (45%), ready-to-eat Colcom pies (16%), smoked and cooked sausages (11%), polonies (15%), bacon and ham, frozen uncooked sausages and cooked meats making up the remainder.

 “Our pig production represents 58% of the pigs slaughtered through government approved abattoirs each week. We sell approximately 50% of the pigs we receive into the market directly as carcasses,” says Tumazos, adding that the company boasts 65% of the carcass market and 80% of the market in remaining categories.


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