From the beginning, Colcom’s emphasis was on the production and marketing of fresh and processed value-added pig products that were to be associated with quality, hygiene, nutrition and delicious taste. The reputation of the Colcom brand has been and is therefore very carefully guarded.

The initiation and maintenance of such a brand over many years involves a broad compendium of knowledge, expertise, dedication and facilities, starting at the pig farming level through to the factory and on through the cold chain to marketing, sales and distribution, backed by the required associated services and quality and veterinary controls along the way. At the same time, a willingness and ability to adopt and adapt to new techniques in production and processing, and changing market requirements, has been and continues to be vital. In addition to all those dedicated and expert persons directly involved in the policies, strategies, production, processing and marketing of Colcom’s products.

The strength of the Colcom brand is further underlined by two particular developments. When it was decided to change from a co-operative to a publicly quoted company in 1993, the name Colcom was retained in the new holding company – Colcom Holdings Ltd and its subsidiary, Colcom Foods. Further, in most recent times, while Colcom’s core business continues as pig production and processing, some of its products have been diversified into non-pork, but the brand was so strong that a new generic logo, without the direct link to pigs, could be used.

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