Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2023, Colcom Foods contributed to a variety of its philanthropic as well as community and staff-oriented activities, this contribution made up 3.2% of Colcom’s PBT.

As a food manufacturer, Colcom continued to fulfil its primary philanthropic activities by donating products to feed vulnerable individuals in our community. Weekly, we provide almost 1500 meals to selected registered charities. These include children’s homes (Rose of Sharon, Chinyaradzo’s Children Home, and Vimbainesu Children’s Home, Homefields, St Christopher), support people with disabilities (Emerald Hill Home for Deaf, St Joseph, St Marceline, Jairos Jiri), Old Age Homes (Shearly Cripps & Athol Evans), animal charities (VAWZ & SPCA), various fundraising events by our stakeholders and business partners as well as a 13.6T donation of pork rind to Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.


To cater to our senior citizens’ community, Colcom Shops re-introduced a weekly Pensioners Day across all our branches. In addition to a 10% discount on the day, senior citizens at our Coventry Road branch also get a free Countrystyle burger or a hot dog to enjoy.

For our factory staff, Colcom runs a variety of welfare initiatives, such as attachments and internships, sponsorship of student fees for our finance team and a soccer teams.

Our Triple C Pigs division assists intending new farmers with training and advice and provides attachments to University/College students. On its main production unit, Triple C Pigs has invested in the development of a Clinic with a permanent Nursing Sister, which has been of considerable assistance to employees and their families, as well as communities nearby. The Norton Country Club, which includes a golf course and other sporting amenities, is run by Triple C Pigs. More than 300 children of our farm employees are assisted with fees for both junior and senior school and Triple C also provides daily transport to and from their various schools. Our Triple C farm also runs a local creche that is attended by both children of the farm workers as well as those of the local community.

On the sustainability side, Colcom engages in the distribution of over 30 tons of organic manure to local farmers near Colcom farms, with 15-20 farmers benefiting weekly from this scheme. In line with this, our Grasmere farm provides a neighbouring Farm, with 300 000L of organic fertilizer for agricultural purposes daily.

“EVERY DAY we think of what Colcom has done for us. We are deeply thankful to you for relieving us, of a what was a heavy burden. It’s not often you can say you changed our lives……but YOU DID.”

Jane Clegg, Mutare SPCA

“Together we can make a difference. We have a responsibility to one another. We are part of a greater whole. We are one of many and many of One.”

Akiroq Brost, renowned international writer and journalist