Cambridge Pork Sausage Meat


Uncooked – Keep frozen below - 12 °C. Once thawed, keep refrigerated, use within 3 days. DO NOT REFREEZE

Shelf Life: 90 days unopened from date of pack


A fresh, finely-textured Cambridge Sausage Pork Meat. This will appeal to caterers and individual customers, wishing to make sausage rolls, burgers, meat balls etc. May be mixed into other type of mince meat to give extra juiciness and flavour


Pork (75 %), Water, Rusk (Wheat gluten), Starch, Salt, Phosphate (E452), Sucrose, Spices, Monosodium glutamate (E621), Antioxidant (Sodium ascorbate E301), Colourant (E127). Preservative: Sodium sulphite (E221)

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1 x 3kg