Fresh Pork Fiesta @Colcom Shops!

There’s a FIESTA going on every week and you’re invited. From Monday to Friday Colcom Shops are offering SPECIAL prices on all fresh pork cuts. Before you all rush in and stock up, it’s best to know about how much value you’re really getting.


Why is pork such a great type of meat to stock up on?


The verdict is still out on whether it can be called ‘white’ or ‘red’ meat (the internet rages on), but we can all agree it tastes so good!


Firstly, it’s so versatile! It tastes great whether you fry it, stew it, braai it, boil it or grill it.


Pork takes flavours very well so it’s an excellent choice for exotic, spicy dishes. It is a healthier choice because of its high protein content. It is also high in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acid good for overall health.



Because by nature it is not “tough” meat, so thankfully it has cook times that won’t leave you hungry!


It’s also an economical option because the price is often much less than beef, mutton or poultry. There are a lot of ‘cut’ options to choose from like tenderloin, ribs, pork, shoulder and belly so you really are spoilt for choice.


Like we always say, “Put some Pork on Your Fork”


If you want details of where to buy the freshest Colcom pork cuts, click here ☛


If you’re looking to buy in bulk or take home whole porkers, then it’s best to get in touch directly with our flagship factory shop, on or call us on the following numbers: 0242 753934, 0775 868 559 (Misheck) or 0712 512 825 (Netsai)

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