Just in time for the holidays,  Colcom celebrates Zimbabwe’s Heroes and Defence Forces with an amazing deal on selected products. While times are getting tougher on everyone’s pockets, Colcom’s nationwide Price Heroes deal on selected products is taking a bite out of people’s stress!


Everyone’s favourite sausage – now priced just right!

What’s a long weekend without a braai? More importantly, what’s a braai without the nation’s No 1 choice, Colcom Countrystyle?  Our hero product, Countrystyle Boerewors, is at a great new price nationwide.



Delicately spiced, extra juicy and perfect for braais, Colcom’s range of top-quality boerewors is often referred to as an African-classic and is enjoyed in various dishes. A fresh pork sausage that is made with a blend of coarsely minced meat and Colcom’s secret spices,  Colcom Countrystyle Boerewors is perfect for a braai, but is so deliciously versatile that it works just as well in a stew, as part of a big breakfast or as a sizzling snack in a roll.



We’re happy to give our valued customers a drop of $5.27 to make it easier to enjoy this best-loved sausage.

Grab it now at the special #PriceHeroes tag of just $19.99* per 500g. Remember to catch updates on our Facebook page.


Happy shopping!

*RRSP Discounts. Prices may vary per retailer

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